Sunday, January 18, 2015

I've Lost My Mind!

I really think I have lost my mind!  I started this blog back in August of 2014, made one initial post, and then got busy getting back to school.  With teaching, training, creating products, meeting new teachers and students, learning new programs, cleaning out messy...really messy offices, moving equipment, setting up equipment, etc...  I TOTALLY forgot I had made a blog!  It's actually quite a nice little blog...just very neglected!

Time to end the neglect!  Time to get busy with this "blogging thing" and share a few fun things.  One of which is a very cute e-card that one of my sweet daughter-in-laws sent to me:

Funny, right? true.  It is now my personal mantra on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store Front.

Here's another little sweetheart that has filled my days with love, laughter, joy and amazement! This is Iris.  I know...unbelievably cute!!  She is my sweet little angel of a grand daughter and I love the fact that I get to hold her everyday!!  How lucky can you get?

School?  How is that going?  Well, let me tell you that I have never worked so hard in my entire life!  I love my job...most of the time, and I look forward to what the second half of the year will bring.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  What an amazing man.  I've been working on Civil Rights projects and am always dumbfounded that our country went through such a horrendous time historically.  I am so grateful to those who worked tirelessly, sacrificed much, and never surrendered to so many injustices that were an everyday occurrence.  I hope we all find time to honor their memory by giving back tomorrow (January 19th) on the nation's Day of Service.  Click HERE for some ideas!
Here are two of my latest Civil Rights Projects.  I hope you find them useful and an effective way to introduce your students to the topics presented.

"Who Am I?" is a PowerPoint presentation.  The slides contain clues about prominent civil/human rights historical characters.  Students work together to be the first to name the character.

Martin Luther King, Jr. NO PREP Packet contains ten critical thinking activities that will engage your students.  QR codes, Posters, KWLS Charts, and much more are included!

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